FBC Kids

We desire to support families as they seek to help their children know, love, and obey God.  We have an awesome team of volunteers who love Jesus and care about kids.  We hope our website helps you feel welcome, informed, and trust us to care for and disciple your children.
Weekly Ministries





We have an awesome team of teachers who journey through stories of the Bible in interactive ways; helping students experience God through Christ.  The classes are divided by age, creating small groups that can interact and ask questions.  

Children’s Church



A customized worship experience for children including Bible interaction, learning to worship with music, and a game time designed to help them remember what God is teaching them.



Kid’s KORE


5:45pm hot dogs

6-7pm KORE
We focus on memorizing God’s word in fun and interactive ways. Knowing God’s Word has so many benefits talked about in Scritpure, and allows God’s Spirit to speak to a person’s heart at anytime.
Upcoming Events
Vacation Bible School
June 24th – 28th
2:30PM to 5:30PM
Great parenting resources that you can listen to. Created by Mr, Mark, a children’s pastor in Oklahoma.
A helpful little book that can help you talk about Bullying.
This book can help you explain the gospel to a child who has questions or wants more information.
These are great to keep kids interacting with the story of God. A great tool while kids are attending a worship service.