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June 21st - 25th

2:30pm to 5:30pm

4 yr olds to completed 5th grade

What is VBS like?

Kid's are placed in a small group called a crew that they will be with all week.  They will have one leader that gets to know them and leads them to stations.  This means they may not be with their best friend, but they will make new friends and have an adult or youth that really gets to know them.  This is also why it is important to register in advance so that we can place kids in crews and know how many leaders we need.

Bible Points are the foundation of each day’s overall
focus. They point every activity to one cohesive,
understandable, and applicable spiritual connection. 

Mixed-Age Crews simply work—really, they do! When you
bring together a group of kids of various ages, the older
kids are looked up to by the younger ones; the younger
ones get to feel more like a “big kid” and might try new
things they wouldn’t otherwise; discipline problems
virtually disappear as competition to be the best, funniest,
loudest, or coolest naturally dissolves; and genuine
relationships sprout with ease. This approach is worth it
and so important!

Small Crews ensure that every participant gets to have a
voice—and one that matters. Groups of no more than six
total (one Crew Leader and five kids) create a comfortable
circle where introverted or socially unsure kids will be far
more likely to actively participate with others. Plus, smaller
groups encourage deeper conversations that lead to
important life application.

Elementary Stations

At Rocky Railway, the elementary kids visit seven stations
each day. Each station is staffed by an adult leader and
features a different activity that reinforces what kids are
learning about God. All the VBS participants attend Sing &
Play Express, Chew Chew Snacks, and Rocky Wrap-Up at
the same time. Kids rotate through the other stations with
their Crews. Elementary-age kids visit the following stations
each day.

Sing & Play Express
>The Sing & Play Express Leader introduces the Bible Point,
key Bible verse, and Bible Memory Buddy each day.
>Each day, kids sing the Rocky Railway theme song, “Your
Power Will Pull Us Through,” which connects with the daily
Bible Points. In addition to fun praise songs, kids sing at
least one song each day that specifically ties to that day’s
Bible Point.
>Each day, Crew members discuss their God Sightings as a
reminder that God is at work and God is good every day!

Bible Adventures
>The Bible Adventures Leader repeats the Bible Point
each day.
>Kids experience the daily Bible story in a hands-on way.
>Crew Leaders guide small-group discussions where kids
connect their unforgettable Bible experiences to real life.

Chew Chew Snacks
>Kids take turns throughout the week leading from a
handout to guide a fun food experience. Each day’s snack
experience connects to the key Bible verse and the daily
Point. Preschool Crews get their own, age-appropriate
version of the handout and snack experience.
>While Crews eat, they’ll use fun activities in the Tracking
With Jesus Bible Books to help everyone get to know each
other better. It’s time meant for befriending and gives kids
some relaxed space to really download all they’re learning
each day.

Imagination Station
>The Imagination Station Leader repeats the Bible Point
each day.
>Kids dive into exciting experiments that connect to the
day’s Bible story and Point.
>The Imagination Station Leader gives each child a
Sciency-Fun Gizmo to take home each day—complete
with a take-home sticker to keep the imaginative fun and
learning going at home with family!

KidVid™ Cinema
>The KidVid Cinema Leader repeats the Bible Point
each day.
>The daily Bible verse is reinforced as children watch and
discuss the inspiring true story featured in each day’s
video segment.
>Crews practice using a Bible to find and read each day’s
key Bible verse.

Loco Motion Games
>The Loco Motion Games Leader repeats the Bible Point
each day and offers an introduction to the Operation Kid-to-
Kid project on Day 1.
>Kids play games that connect with the daily Bible Point.
Each day there are three fun game options to choose
from. Days 2 through 5 each include a game that
connects to Operation Kid-to-Kid.
>Each day, Crews at one of the Loco Motion Games
rotations participate in a photo shoot with the Spotlight
VBS photographer for the Spotlight VBS slideshow.
>Kids listen to Sing & Play Express songs as they
play games.

Rocky Wrap-Up
>The Rocky Wrap-Up Leader repeats the Bible Point
each day.
>Kids watch the special daily Spotlight VBS slideshow—
featuring photographs of the kids at your VBS taken
during Loco Motion Games—that reminds them of the
daily Bible story and Point.
>Kids sing the Sing & Play Express songs they’ve learned
that day.
>The Rocky Wrap-Up Leader uses drama experiences and
engaging object lessons to help kids apply what they’ve
learned throughout the day.
>Kids receive their Bible Memory Buddies.

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